Concrete Countertops Refinishing

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concrete countertops refinishing
how to clean the concrete basement floor? Dog urine, mud, years of dirt?

Well, we bought a house, it was an execution mortgage and still have not clean at all, but for 20,000 less than appraised value (which was what you yourself do not know what they were doing the way), but all quite easy to set counters, refinishing floors, etc., so I'll start working on the basement floor cleaning (we'll end up a room games and office here during the winter) and the previous owners had dogs, yellow labs amounts to sell, apparently kept in the basement until potty trained, the story does not seem to have been cleared from 98 when they bought the house and after a couple of shots of my mop water is black, any ideas on cleaning? I have water connections in the basement, a sump pump and sump, but you have already installed the new oven, so I just can not wash I'm prego and can not I can be close to the fumes, the work amount is all done down here (94 ') and I do not want to water damage, floor is painted before new flooring is put down.

A steam cleaner is the best way to clean without using water pressure. We have a strong McCulluch (not portable) with a debugger in the end. The best way to clean the kitchen floor and other things the children on the road. We had the same problem at our house in the dirt in the basement. Years if the neglect entirely disgusting. We had to start in small areas and use tons of towels to clean up after wards, luckily for us the washer in the basement.

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