Concrete Countertops Molds

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concrete countertops molds
Mdf is the same as melamine.?

If not, what is melamine. I need to build a mold for concrete countertops.

PLYWOOD shall be fined in concrete ways. MDF, or what rfer as "GLITE" with the GL instead of two cards is … I think the material … GARBAGE. Melamine … SO WHO has long used in the manufacture of china, is essentially plastic. Indeed, in 2007 you can buy Formwork "WILL NEVER" is a trade name which is an extruded vinyl, designed for exterior trim, etc. Unless you have more money than sense, using RAW MDF creates the possibility of extreme dissatisfaction, and to absorb any moisture, swell, warp, melamine, etc. as a laminate on anything … to me, it makes little sense in use. (No offense) Steven Wolf

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