Concrete Countertops Interior

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concrete countertops interior
How I can reinstall a steel door crawl space?

I had a steel door crawl space in my house and then left. I think people who installed it did not use the correct screws in the base and pulled it out of concrete. So how I can put it back. What kind of screws? I think I have to make new holes in the steel and foundation. What type of bit or hardware do I need to create a new hole in the steel? I do not think I'll be able to use holes in the foundation because it is crumbling at the point of screw, I think, because of improper bolts. My level is intermediate. I put the interior doors, laminate my countertops, and installed my kitchen sink.

Hi, first I'd try some patches of concrete, go to the lumber yard and ask him to fill holes. The holes in the steel structure should be fine. Wait until the concrete infill to configure and use a masonry bit to drill new holes. I get longer screws, not bigger, and sink the screws back deeper into the foundation wall. Hope this helps Now B

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