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Colorado Springs Real Estate – Monument


In the northwest part of El Paso County, north of Colorado Springs area real estate, is the City of Monument. The Monument houses Monument area is part of the Tri-Lakes Properties real. The area of ​​the three lakes surrounding real estate communities as Larkspur, USAF Academy, Gleneagle, and the Black Forest. Peak View Ridge, Pine Hills, and Red Rock Ranch are just some of the areas on the Monument. This historic city has an altitude of nearly 7,000 meters above sea level, which is higher than the surrounding areas of Colorado Springs and Denver.

The Santa Fe Trail runs through the Town of Monument. The stone is an element of Santa Fe Trailhead Monument Lake is located in this area real estate back to the Monument area real estate back to the Pike Forest Countrywide.

Homes for sale in the Monument real change in the area of ​​real size, age, and price. Most farmers with about 2 stories throughout the city. Some homes have formal dining rooms, wood floors, 5 piece master baths, family rooms and living rooms with fireplace, walk-in closets garden, many large areas, RV parking, and several decks. A couple of old houses have been remodeled to include new plumbing, new carpet, countertops gourmet granite kitchen and appliances, and vinyl windows.

Some of the houses for sale in the Monument area real estate back to the playground or on the Road Santa Fe, or look likely rock formations, Pikes Peak and U.S. Air Force Academy.

Home for at least the size of the sale is over 1080 feet square. The house at least for the sale is 2 beds, 2 baths and a one car garage. The regular selling price in 2008 is $ 280,194 and finished 2374 square feet. The regular sized house for sale is 3 beds, 2 baths and a garage a car. The highest selling price is $ 560,000 and 3846 square feet was completed. The larger house for sale is seven beds, 4 baths and a three car garage.

Patio homes are for sale in the town of Monument. The condo is normal size 3 beds, 3 baths and a two car garage.

The Monument area is real estate townhouses for sale. The youngest people in sales is 2 bathrooms and a car garage. The regular sale price in 2008 is $ 166,373 and finished 1515 square feet. The people of normal size is 2 beds, 3 baths and a garage a car. The largest selling price is $ 189,744 and ended 1867 meters square. The largest town size is 3 rooms, 4 bathrooms and a garage for 2 cars.

These Lewis-Palmer District 38 schools are located in the town of Monument.

Neighborhood Communities
The USAF Academy area real estate borders Monument south. It is approximately 10 minutes by car, or 6 km to the north gate of the USAF Academy. Palmer Lake has many trails and play areas to enjoy and a museum. The Woodmoor Pines Golf and Country Club is located in the Woodmoor area of ​​real property.

The Front Range Express (Frex) serves Monument Park and Ride buses Monument near the exit to help with their desire to travel. There are many houses near the Air Force Academy in Monument. The USAF Academy is located six miles south the monument. The Monument area is a solid choice for Colorado Springs Military Relocation. Many travelers living in the area of ​​Tri-Lakes real real.

Monument Square offers quality shopping. There are galleries, home furnishing stores, book shops and specialty restaurants and service companies oriented professionals located off of Highway 105. Jackson offers domestic purchasing power of the chain stores, small shops and service-oriented companies with a variety of restaurants.

Castle Rock is located just twenty minutes north of the monument. A factory outlet shopping center with brand name stores is a favorite shopping place for residents of Colorado Springs and Denver, as well as residents from both places. Not even shopping in Del Norte Colorado Springs, with Whole Foods, the Paseo de Briargate shops and more just 15 minutes south.

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