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clear coat countertops
Painting countertops.?

I've done a lot of searching on ways to paint a kitchen countertop. Apparently, the key is to finish end. I have seen a product called Envirotex Lite is used and only a varnish base. I have also found a DVD that you can buy – "Transfauxmations counter." Has anyone tried any of these methods work. Not sure which method to use the DVD.

I have experience with Envirotex Lite, and is primarily intended to be used for a coffee table or side table (not the levels of moisture that a person has in his kitchen) countertops have heavy use, and you would to reapply too often. Never heard of the countertop Transfauzmations. (Sounds like it might work, if done right) I would try to find the products they need, either talk to a professional painter, or a specialist in the paint in a paint store (Sherwin Williams Like or Rhodda or Benjamin Moore, a place that's all they sell is the paint and painting supplies) do not like Home Depot or Lowes or any big box place, usually their employees are not trained to answer a question like this. Get opinions from different artists as well. Sounds like a great idea, but I (personally) would be a little leary of "Painting" on counters. (Not sure about yours, but my tops get a lot of use and abuse, and standing water to rinse the dishes and setting the counter until the lava luck, good and would be curious to know the result, if you try the top Transfauzmation!

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