Cleaning Marble Countertops

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cleaning marble countertops
Cleaning marble countertops?

Hello, I live in Incirlik, Turkey, on the base here (Me & Hubby is stationed around 2 months from the U.S.) and the base housing with marble countertops. We were told to use 409 to clean it, but from what I read online is not safe for him. Does anyone have any other suggestions? We are limited in cleaning supplies, we are in a Turkish base, so we only have what is available at the station.

You should practice COMSEC and not disclose that are related to the military in a public network like this. Now on the counter. Rub a solution Alcohol 40% if it really big in the marble. Leave it very shiny. Again, really careful not to reveal their hubbies job or your relationship with the Forces Military, especially in that part of the world. Be careful.

Marble Countertops cleaning Kendall

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