Cleaning Kitchen Grout Countertops

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cleaning kitchen grout countertops
My cat came in bleach when I was cleaning, it will be okay?

I was cleaning tile grout on my kitchen counters with bleach pen for a moment left to go grab a scrub brush. I returned to find my cat jumping on him, knows that he is supposed to be on the counters. I was shocked and immediately took him to the bathroom to wash his feet with a washcloth and soap, then rinse with cold water 4 feet. I know that cats like the smell of chlorine, but I've only seen the messages about trying to lick them. Does anyone know if going to a be all right? Still licking their paws to dry, and beyond me for the bath of surprise, but there seems to be in pain or further their legs. As soon as he was cleaning it out, immediately wash the tops and made sure the bleach is free again, but I am concerned, however, this is probably the most mischievous, accident-prone cat in existence after all.

If you really have all the chlorine out of your cat, rapid and complete, your cat should be fine. Very weak chlorine solutions are not toxic to cats and are the recommended method for cleaning in homes with cats against Pine-Sol or Lysol, containing phenol and can be lethal. However, given that it was a bleach solution strong, it was right to take immediate and proactive wash paws with water. How long do you wash your feet? Do you think you have in any other part of your body? If you think they washed very well, you're probably fine. Otherwise, you may want to wash again, despite how annoying it can. You definitely want to make sure any residual chlorine in all withdrew. And because they said it is a bleach pen, it would be a Super concentrated amount of chlorine. So extra bathroom would have to eliminate. Good luck!

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