Cleaning Corian Countertops

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cleaning corian countertops
I have beige Corian countertops in my kitchen and no matter what I use to clean it appear to be stained?

I have used soap and water. I used Promise polishing. I have not used any abrasives So I asked if they were safe to use on Corian. Thanks for your help ….

According to DuPont, Corian products can develop a film on the surface caused by the buildup of minerals from hard water. They may also develop fine scratches from normal use. These imperfections surface can be removed with mild abrasives, such as commercial abrasive liquids. Rub the cleaner on the surface of overlapping circles with a cloth gently until everything is clean, rinse thoroughly and dry. harsh abrasives are not recommended as they can scratch worse. Pulido does not remove deeper scratches or grooves in the material.

A Few Good Cans

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