Choosing Granite Countertops Colors

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choosing granite countertops colors
What color should I paint my kitchen / dining room?

I have an open plan lounge / dining room and kitchen. lr is painted a soft beige color and I need help with kitchen / dining room. I have a contemporary / modern kitchen design with black cabinets with light green tiles, lavender and colors dark green. My countertops are granite-black/gray color. I have all stainless steel appliances and dining room is a teak table with teak chairs. I'm thinking colored, soft light blue, green or cream, but I can not decide. i plan to choose a background color by Benjamin Moore. any suggestions will paint options useful. thanks.

I just went white because white is perfect with black and dark green and gray, giving a room prefectly ur cool, crisp look, be sure to use a new white i wouldnt go with other colors, it could make ur room / kitchen dull, white opens with more room

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