Caesarstone Countertops Quartz Surfaces

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How I can remove tape residue from my CaesarStone quartz countertops!?

I left the painters tape over seven days of the specified and has left a residue on the surface hazy in my newly installed quartz countertops. Help! I was trying to protect the counter and now feel like I wasted.

Goo Gone. Sold at any hardware store. If that fails, take the spray smell of citrus "California Scents" smelling orange or citrus. I like orange. I swear a quick spray or two takes goo immediately, and not ruin things and make things smell good for a while! Do not worry not ruined. Whatever you do, DO NOT use Goof off of this situation. It may be too strong and ruin the finish on their desks. But no adhesive tape to ruin.

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