Cabinet Countertops Design

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cabinet countertops design
Has anyone bought their kitchen cabinets, etc. from Home Depot?

We recently had a kitchen designed at The Home Depot – Cabinets, countertops, etc. Now I'm hearing their merchandise is of inferior quality. My question is – if I'm actually getting my cabinets, etc from another manufacturer (such as KraftMaid) but the purchase through HD, how can your goods will be lower quality? Also, I'm sure the manfacturer is endorsing their products, not Home Depot. Has anyone heard of this? What has been your experience with HD material about cooking? PS – HD will not be installing them.

I have personally installed about 30 kitchens and have this opinion about the designers from The Home Depot does not …. the sharpest knife in the drawer. They have little concept confined spaces. An example is not considered the swing dishwasher drawers in a corner adjacent the dishwasher door hit drawer knobs when installed in the original design. Your contractor (I) would have to spend (waste) valuable time to re-arrange the layout to accommodate all (unpaid). Its designer High definition is not knowing what a stupid mistake (which, usually), presented the setup and really could not care less. In As for materials, material is good quality HD and should last a lifetime. We would all like Kraft-fact, but for most people who are outside the budget. Good Luck

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