Butcher Block Countertops Island

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butcher block countertops island
Help with granite color / type!?

Hi, We have installed our granite countertops and need some advice from people who have good taste in decoration. The options we are seeing are or Ubatuba Ubatuba Gold, Black or the Andes. We have medicine cabinets stained dark, and the installation of a cherry butcher block variagated as our counter island. Rear wall to be a light-colored tumbled marble, so that should help keep the room light. Does anyone have Ubatuba? I have very afraid it might look too green, but I really like! Any help is appreciated! Thanks! Sarah

May after colors / shades From granite countertops, cabinets, butcher block, the back wall so we can provide more informative advice?

End Grain Butcher Block Countertop

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