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Start a business. No degree in business.?

The cafeteria is only Starbucks in my city. I am a student 24 years old university U.S.. I go to a barrister school, spend a year doing a little research and then I want to open a business cafe serving espresso drinks. However, I have no degree in business. My question is about the little details about the business: – How I can know the amount of coffee, etc. so? – How I can know which software to buy? – How I can do my finances? – How I can save for retirement? – How I can provide insurance for my employees? – Store design: designing the interior, such as countertops, etc (interior architect designer, etc)? In addition, they have paid me a coffee over $ 80,000 per year?

If you are still in school after 24 years or more and still do not know what to do or where to find answers, you need to work in a café for some "practical" research. For $ 80,000 a year you need to stop thinking and start doing, NOW! Good luck.

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