Brown Antique Countertops

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brown antique countertops
How "old" my golden yellow kitchen paint color?

I have a very flat (see) golden yellow in my kitchen and just not what I expected. It's really corny and kiddish looking. I have stainless steel appliances and cabinets reddish orange, brown and tops butcher block and details in red and green and orange (art, bowls, etc). Tuscan want seems so what type of paint I have to buy or how I can even do it? I want to paint no wall cabinets

I make a glaze with burnt umber and burnt sienna another. The two together on the yellow walls soften and age. I would use a cloth and out of focus. Here's how to make the glaze: 1 part acrylic or latex paint, 1 part water (or less depending on the color saturation want, but you have to dilute a bit) a part Floetrol (found in paint / stain aisle in the center of home improvement and gives you more time to manipulate painting). Mix glaze and pour a small amount in a sturdy plastic or paper plate. Moisten two rags, one for applying paint and another to remove excess and mixing. Do this for each color. Start with burnt sienna, and that is darker and you can tone it down with burnt sienna. I always practice on a piece of plaster or cloud first table, so you get the pressure drop and handling of paint and colors. Once you start on the walls, work in small areas of a color while painting and wiping off with rags. Step back from your work from time to time to ensure you get the color saturation you want. Rinse Dabber rag once in a while so not with paint. Be sure to wedge the rags in the corners, so that you do not hat bands in a band of the base color remains along baseboards, ceilings and corners. (Make sure the tape off the baseboards and ceiling if they are not treating these areas.) Project fun, take your time and you will be happy with the results.

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