Beautiful Kitchen Designs Countertops

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beautiful kitchen designs countertops
I need help with new kitchen colors?

I just bought my first home so excited! My kitchen is so beautiful despite the tops are orange brilliant (excellent though) so it is really necessary to replace not only need help with the design idea. my cabinets are made of brown dark. My plan is painitng them. Any bright ideas? My floors are cream marble ceramic tile, I have a beautiful skylight

Unless The cabinets are in bad condition, I suggest you live with them for a while before making the decision to paint them. The combination of dark wood floor tiles light gives a striking contrast that keeps the kitchen feeling big and bright. A good trick is to have your floor and counters in similar colors and the back-splash combination of that color to the cabinet color and accent color. But obviously, with a bright orange against can not do that. If you are going to paint your kitchen a deep but warm "Coffee" type of color, the room should begin to remake visually. His accent colors can be terracotta, honey, almost any shade orange, and many other earth colors. Apart from the fact that wood cabinets is very "in" now, the wood is so easy to clean and maintain. Finish paint can stain, and can jump or not show the imperfections of normal use. After sending wood cabinets to be painted lacquer is an expensive project, and I would not recommend it. Many people are accustomed to have cabinets white or pale yellow when buying a house with wood, their first thought is that is too dark. Live with it for a while with their colors and things, and then, if you still want to paint at least you know you're not making a hasty decision. Good luck and best wishes in your new home!

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