Bathroom Countertops Ideas

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bathroom countertops ideas
Bathroom vanity and the color of the ideas of the counter?

Our floors are beige tile with other colors (white, beige, brown, mainly) we are thinking of painting the walls pale green. We paint the vanity that is 6feet long, any ideas for colors, which are caught between the dark brown black and white. In addition to all ideas for countertops?

i just finished remodeling my master bathroom, and went with an autumn maple dresser golden sand granite countertop double undermounted receiver. looks beautiful. if you're going to paint the vanity, I was definitely not black. if it is a smaller space (Less than 35 square meters) i was leaning toward the target. i got away with darker, because I had travertine marble floors, beige-colored walls, and a skylight with a lot of vanity and recessed lighting.

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