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  1. Posted March 11, 2014 at 7:11 pm | Permalink

    That bathtub looks absltuoely amazing! It would be pretty cool to take a bath at night in a bathtub like that, with nothing but the tiles to create soft lighting. That would be pretty relaxing! On a side note, using that kind of tile for walls would also be a good idea, especially in children’s rooms. That way, they won’t need a night light anymore.

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    EXACTLY my thoughts. We chose Juperana Bordeaux after looking at 100s of granite slabs. It has “movement” and reminds me of the bottom of a stream or river. It’s not too “busy” and is the best part of our kitchen (white caninets and no backsplash yet). I love it more than anything else in my house and would not consider any other countertop although it was expensive. When I look at it I am overwhelmed with the beauty that it is God-made and a piece of Nature. It is True Art. If we ever sell our house whoever buys it will have to deal with it. I would never have considered anything other than granite – THIS granite. Some slabs we’ve seen almost look manufactured as they have no “movement” and/or were a color you may get tired of. Like anything else, not everyone will love your choice of countertops, so if you fall in love with granite….GET IT! I will love it no matter what comes into style in the future. It is like being outdoors in Nature and so, so beautiful!!! I can appreciate other countertops and think they look great, but my little part of nature makes me smile EVERY time I look at it. “Sorry” any potential Buyers in the future.

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    So, does that mean you sprinkle the sugar ciookes before baking them? I’ve never tried that. I LOVE the tradition that you did as a kid being passed along to your kiddos. So special!

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