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advanced surfaces countertops
BUTCHER BLOCK COUNTER … are a good choice?

We are looking to redo the kitchen and I love the look of butcher block countertops … I have some questions for anyone who also have in your kitchen … 1) Do you use urethane or mineral oil is used … if oil use of minerals, how often rubs on the counter? 2) The wear … How is it? What about stains? 3) How does the counter store up near the sink … do not leave water marks? 4) Do I have to be careful to get things hot surface? 5) Where I can buy these counters good quality but reasonable price … I looked at Lumber Liquidators and had good reviews … also from Ikea are cheap in price, but I have no idea of ​​quality. Any other advice would greatly appreciate it … thanks in advance.

I personally prefer the real cutting boards because they always worry about bacteria and all those nasty things that can make you sick, because I can wash them well in the sink. You can not do that with butcher block countertops no matter how well you clean them with oil and all other products. I can understand that this is butcher block countertops look good and looks like a very convenient thing to have but think about it … cutting boards are much easier to replace the entire roof.

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